Boardwalk Food Company

Are Boardwalk Food Company snacks safe to serve to kids?

Yes, nearly all of the alcohol burns off in the cooking progress. The snacks pick up the flavor of the beer. If you’re really concerned, feel free to try a non-alcoholic beer or any other carbonated beverage.

Why is the dough is hard to knead or roll?

The dough will take a little effort to come together. That’s how you get that dense texture in your pretzel. However, if it is not coming together, or if the dough breaks apart when rolling, add a little more beer to the mixture. In most cases, 6oz will work, but sometimes an extra ounce makes it easier to work with.

Is there an easier way to knead the dough?

Don’t tell anyone I told you, but when we have to make a bunch of pretzels, I use the dough hook on my KitchenAid mixer. I still run it for 4-5 minutes, but it is a bit easier on the hands.

Why do I have to dip the pretzels in warm baking soda water?

The baking soda dip gives the pretzels their crust. It’s what makes that first bite so enjoyable.

Why are the pretzels messy when they come out of the water?

You can expect the dough to be a little messy when it comes out of the water. All good things require a little work. However, if the dough is very sticky and soft, raise the temperature of the water a bit to just below boiling. The crust will form better and the pretzels will come out of the water cleaner.

How many pretzels does a box make?

A box of our Pretzel mix will make about 36 – 50 pretzel bites depending on how long you cut them. If you want to do a traditional twist shape, you will get about 6 - 8 per package.

What type of beer should I use?

What kind of beer do you like? Be creative and try all different kinds. Our snacks will adopt the flavor of the beer used. Our only suggestion is that unless you are a big fan of the bitterness of hops, stay away from IPA’s as that flavor comes through in the snacks. For inspiration visit our pairings section or sign up for our newsletter.

I don’t like beer – is there anything else that works?

Yes, all of our flavors will work with any carbonated beverage. Try a lemon lime soda with our Original Pretzel Mix for a sweet treat. Check out our blog and recipe page for more ideas!

How long do the soft pretzels remain fresh?

We do not add any preservatives to our mixes so the snacks are best enjoyed the same day they are made. Fortunately, they taste so good that rarely is an issue. However, if you do have a few left over, freeze them for use later.

Is your snack mix dairy free?

Yes, neither our pretzel mix nor our popper mix contain dairy.

Do you have a gluten free version of your snack mixes?

At this time we do not offer a gluten free version of our treats. We will not produce any product unless it is the best tasting. Unfortunately, we have not yet found a gluten free beer or flour that we enjoy.

I want to use Boardwalk Craft Beer Snacks for a fundraiser. Do you have a program?

We love fundraisers! Any chance to gather friends and raise money for a good cause makes us as happy as a walk on the beach at sunset. Please email your contact information to sales@boardwalkfoodco.com for details about our fundraising program.