Foodie Christmas!

Friday, November 04, 2016

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Sharing Gratitude

It’s November! Hello Thanksgiving, or as our Twitter friend John Cohl, @j_cohl, likes to call it, Foodie Christmas! I love that line. It perfectly describes the month of November. Turkey, pies, stuffing, candy, and of course, pretzels, poppers and beer. Certainly a foodie’s dream.

Boardwalk Holiday Table

Of course, Thanksgiving is also a time to reflect on and appreciate the people in our lives who make every moment of our day better. The people who laugh with us. Who share in our victories and support us in our defeat. Who always seem ready and willing to lend a hand or pick up the first round at the bar.

Boardwalk Holiday Party

Sharing your favorite food is a perfect way to show friends how much you appreciate them. Invite a friend to a home cooked dinner. Bake up a batch of cookies for the mailman. Grab your favorite craft beer and visit an old friend. Or, (bias alert) bake up a fresh batch of soft pretzels for your next door neighbor. The effort, no matter how minimal, to bake a treat for a friend will be greatly appreciated. What better way to say I am grateful?

Boardwalk Cinnamon Preztel

Let’s make this Foodie Christmas about sharing our gratitude for our friends, neighbors and family. Not only will you brighten their day, but you may also feel a bounce in your step as well. So, who will you share with?

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