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We built Boardwalk Food Company around fun, family and friends!

Founder of Boardwalk Food Company, Andy Yochum

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We built Boardwalk Food Company around the principles of fun, family and friends. We exist to help better people’s lives by bringing them together. Tell us how you enjoy time with your friends and family! Visit us on Facebook, send pictures on Instagram, or Tweet us your favorite pairing.


My wife, Kim, and I love to entertain friends and family. We developed Boardwalk Food Company to help bring you the joy we feel when surrounded by our friends. Kim and I have developed a line of snack mixes that are easy to prepare and interesting to discuss. Oh, yeah, and they are also tasty to eat!

As a working mom with a degree in Nutrition and Food Science, Kim knows how to make great tasting food in a short amount of time. All of our snacks are made in the USA and developed in our own kitchen. Our son, Simon serves as our official taste tester and nothing leaves our kitchen without his ok!

The Yochum Family

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