The perfect snack for
Craft Beer Fans

Your favorite brew wrapped up in a pretzel


flavored pretzels



flavored pretzels



flavored pretzels


Pair your favorite beer to
your new favorite snack

Enjoy our delicious snacks, specifically made to match the sophisticated tastes of the beer you love.
enjoy subtle flavors
inspired by the beer you love

Our pretzels are cultivated with as much care and attention to detail as your favorite craft beers are.
Born from collaboration
with local breweries

We’ve spent countless hours consulting with local brewing experts (AKA drinking a lot of beer) to create a new line of craft beer flavored pretzels.


why should your snacks be boring?

We love craft beer as much as you do.
That's why our line of craft beer flavored pretzels are baked with the unmistakable flavors you love. So give them a try and enjoy the distinct taste of craft beer wrapped up in a pretzel!

Start Snacking...


Pick the type of beer you reach for most - IPA, Pilsner, or Stout. Or, try them all!


It’s easy to order pretzels from our website and have them shipped directly to your door.


Snack solo or with other craft beer enthusiasts - and don’t forget your favorite brew!
  • “Can’t wait to try them all! To all my #craftbeer #foodie snack friends definitely order your own because I’m not sure I’m sharing.”

    - Kimberly S.

  • "OMG, these pretzels are the best I've ever tasted!"

    - Bobby K.

  • "The pretzels were awesome! I ate almost the entire bag myself! Your killing the carb intake for me!"

    - Knickole B.

  • "I can't put them down. Have to hide the bag from my husband."

    - Sarah R.

  • "I’m absolutely obsessed with the stout pretzels! I’ve never had a snack like these before! Amazing!!!!!!!"

    - Manda D.

  • "Hi. I felt compelled to write to you. I had your stout and IPA pretzels as part of a 1st sip beer box subscription. I have been a craft beer guy for decades and these are 1st beer related snacks I've had that actually taste like the beer I drink and truly complement them. Well done guys."

    - Justin Maser



Boardwalk Food Company was recently featured on the ContenderCast Podcast where the host, Justin Honaman shines a light on bright ideas like Boardwalk's brand new Craft Beer Pretzel line.
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